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Posted: Jun 19, 2012 2:53:31 am

The woman said her son told her that Sandusky called him late one night after the first round of charges was filed in November, asking if he would be a character witness. "He said that Jerry asked him to make an affidavit or some kind of statement on what kind of Supra Skytop character or person he was," she said. "Why would he call my kid after he's being accused of things like this?" In December, prosecutors brought more charges against Sandusky, alleging he'd had forced anal sex with the boy. Victim 9's mother said the boy's laundry would often be short of Supra For Sale underwear and he would claim he had thrown it away because he had an accident. Last week, the teen said Sandusky forced him to have anal sex that made him bleed. In tearful testimony, the mother described gifts Sandusky gave her son, and then added: "I wish he would just give him underwear to replace the underwear I could never find in Supra Shoes my laundry."
The defense's case focused largely on Sandusky's reputation. Anderson said he was "well thought of in every regard," former Penn State assistant coach Booker Brooks called his reputation "exemplary, top-knotch," and local political consultant Brent Pasquinelli, who raised money for The Second Mile, called him "a local hero."
Besides Anderson, Brooks and Pasquinelli, three other witnesses testified for Supra TK Society the defense Monday: a woman who ran a golf-related charity to which one accuser was recommended by Sandusky, a young man who knew Sandusky through The Second Mile and vouched for his reputation and a schoolteacher who said Sandusky seemed genuinely interested in helping one of the accusers in the case. None was on the Supra Vaider stand for more than 10 minutes. Tom Kline, a Philadelphia lawyer who represents one of the accusers, said he was served a defense subpoena on Monday, ordering him to produce a copy of the fee agreement he has made with Victim 5, along with copies of his interactions with reporters.

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