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Posted: Nov 24, 2009 5:15:34 pm

I don't understand !

I own PHTML Encoder Pro v5.3.0
I use PHP 5.2.6 for my scripts
I installed php5.2.9/phpsrcwe into PHTML Encoder PRO directory

When I click on "Create Library" button, I obtain the messages :

Source lib-file PHTML Encoder PROphpsrcw not found !
.... phtmlenc4.x.x.dll created (in the right destination directory)
Source lib-file PHTML Encoder PROphpsrcu not found !
Source lib-file PHTML Encoder PROphpsrcue not found !

Why phtmlenc4.x.x.dll ?

In my PHP.ini I inserted : extension=phtmlenc4.x.x.dll

When I start my script, nothing is working !

Please, help me ! Thank you very much.  :) 

Posted: Nov 25, 2009 3:42:23 am

I have found and I answer to myself :

I have to copy phtmlenc4.x.x.dll into the "extension_dir" directory named in the PHP.ini file !

Everithing is OK ! :)

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