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What is Algiz?

Algiz is a SDK that can be used to provide copy protection capabilities to an application under UNIX. This is a protection system based on complex software and hardware parameters protection technique. You can create and distribute time-locked trial versions and software-locked full versions of your software. Algiz is easy-to-use than any skill programmers can use it. You don't need any additional hardware.


Advanced software copy protection!

Protect your software of illegal copying from one computer to another one.

Simple and effective protection procedure!

It is few work needed for additional programming.

Evaluation (trial) version feature!

Easily create demo version of your software with execution date limitation.

Secure distribution!

Securely distribute your software on CD-ROM or the Internet.

Secure and simple license management!

Enable licenses by demand.

Limited license feature!

The software protected by Algiz can be rented - your buyers are able to use the program in expiration period only.

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The DEMO for Solaris which protected by Algiz accessible for download. NOTE! HostID parameter required for downloading.

If you want buy Algiz please contact with Sales Department.

If you have any questions, recommendations, comments please send e-mail to algiz@rssoftlab.com


12/07/2014 Added support of PHP versions up to 5.6.3, 5.5.19 and 5.4.35 to PHTML Encoder v.6.4.

09/05/2014 PHTML Encoder v.6.4 released.

04/14/2013 Added support of PHP versions up to 5.4.14 and 5.3.24 to PHTML Encoder v.6.3 .

01/11/2011 RSnavi v.1.00 released.

11/24/2010 PHTML Encoder v.6.2 released.

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11/17/2009 PHTML Encoder v.6.0 released.

08/22/2009 PHTML Encoder v.5.4 released.

01/04/2009 Disk Checker v.3.3 released.


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